Call for Models

Photo Project: High Key/Low Key

High key and low key image of a woman and a man.

“High Key/Low Key” is a personal photography project where we will attempt to capture some fantastic images of you using two distinct lighting styles: High Key and Low Key. High Key is a lighting and composition style that focuses on a brightly lit frame and lighter-toned objects. Low Key is the opposite where lighting is minimal and composition leans towards darker tones which results in an overall darker tonal range for the image. Each lighting style evokes different types of feelings and responses.

This project is open to men and women age 18 and above.

To be considered for participation in this project, you will need to complete the questionnaire below and commit to the following:

  • One pre-session meeting approximately 30 minutes in duration.
  • One studio photo session approximately 2 hours in duration.

Unpaid Photo Shoot

This project is Time for Prints (TFP). Models will receive up to 6 finished digital images suitable for printing to 8×10.

This is an ongoing call. Photo sessions will be scheduled as needed.

Model Questionnaire

Call for Models
Age verification
Model Release
Have you modeled before?
Skin Tone
Hair Style
Hair Length
Corrective lenses?
Facial Hair
Piercings - Select all that apply.
Please describe the size and general location of any tattoos you may have. If no tattoos, enter "None."
What is your comfort level in front of the camera as it relates to your body and clothing? Please select all that apply.
Participation Notice